Oxygenator - Breathable Face Mask - Heat Release Technology Pack

$36.00 $29.90 You Save: $6.10 (16.94%)

Oxygenator - Breathable Face Mask - Heat Release Technology Pack

$36.00 $29.90 You Save: $6.10 (16.94%)
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  • Vo2 MAX - Train Like You Mean It, Not Like You’re Masked: OXYGenator training mask promotes the Vo2 Oxygenation exchange that powers up peak mental and muscle performance. Added dust mask protection means this pro-breathing sports face mask makes it easy to do it all.
  • COOLING COMFORT BREATHING MASK - Anti-Heat NanoTech &  Breathable PolyFiber INSTANTLY wicks away stickiness, moisture and sweat so you stay FRESH & COOL far longer than other face masks washable or masks reusable breathable fabric.
  • WON’T GAG OR BLIND - STAY PUT BONUS: Super soft face conforming edges and bonus adjustable strap won't fall into your eyes or mouth like other workout mask models, making it the ideal mask for women and men who run, cycle, HIIT or make big plays.
  • GYM ESSENTIALS - machine washable face mask won’t grow unwelcomed workout buddies like cloth masks. A definite WIN in the category of sport mask for men, sport masks for women and sports training mask.
  • BREATHE EASY - outdoor travel mask - Order with unshakeable confidence knowing this sweat-wicking, smart cooling, ultra-breathable mask keeps you ready to exercise your workouts or we'll take it back, no questions asked
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