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EVERYDAY™ FACE MASK – Latest Cutting-Edge 100% Cotton


EVERYDAY™ FACE MASK – Latest Cutting-Edge 100% Cotton

The Everyday Face Masks revolutionary WASHABLE, 100% COTTON, STAY COOL WEAVE minimizes BREAKOUTS by WICKING AWAY SWEAT, MOISTURE & SEBUM CAUSING humidity.

STAY PROTECTED, NOT UGLY – STYLISH MASK DELIVERS formidable PROTECTION AGAINST SUDDEN SNEEZING, bugs, smoke, large particulates, dog hair, mowing, grass clippings, sawdust, spider webs, dirt, and even ashes. Nail salon techs and germy-environment battling laundromat workers SWEAR BY IT!

EXTEND YOUR DISPOSABLE MASKS LIFE – TIRED OF BLOWING THRU expensive surgical masks every day? Simply SLIP THIS ON over your disposable face masks, then wash it with mild soap and water and hang up to dry to KEEP YOUR SKIN HAPPY & YOUR NASAL PASSAGES YUCK FREE.

WEAR IT FOR DAYS – PAIN-FREE: FULLY ADJUSTABLE allergen mask FLEX WEAVE locks out what you’d rather avoid while MOVING WITH YOUR FACIAL MUSCLES, while soft, adjustable, ANTI CHAFF ear loops to keep you operating at PEAK PERFORMANCE all day. Won’t trigger skin allergies, rub or irritate like polyester, plastic, or rayon masks; guaranteed.
FOLDS DOWN to GO EVERYWHERE YOU NEED: TRAVEL MASK easily folds down to FIT RIGHT IN YOUR POCKET, WALLET, GLOVE COMPARTMENT or purse then opens back up, retaining the IDEAL SHAPE REQUIRED to defend against the unknown. 

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Q: Which way does the filter go in? Does the wording face towards you or away from you?

A: Doesn't matter, make sure you only use one filter for the whole mask

Q: Is this niosh-certified?

A: Its has not been submitted for certification

Q: What makes this mask and the filters anti bacterial? Is there any anti bacterial chemical added to the filters or cloth?

A: The filter that you place inside is a carbon based filter. That is what makes it anti bacterial. Look up PM2.5 filters.

Read Full CDC guidelines here.