Posture Corrector Back Pain Clavicle Posture Support Brace

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Improve your posture, confidence and build up your self-esteem Debrief Me™ is on a mission to help you make that change that your body posture needs. 

One of the advantages of using our posture corrector is that even if you work by sitting all day in front of the desk there is no risk of spine abnormal position. It gives you an auto physical and mental assurance that you are in the right posture. With a good posture comes good energy.

Behind a productive person, a good posture plays a good role. Our posture corrector lets you concentrate and focus, which can help in being productive. 

Debrief Me™ Posture Corrector is well designed and has a Brace Support Strap. Debrief Me™ posture corrector allows you to effortlessly strengthen your body and helps you breathe well while you improve your wellbeing. 

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Features and Attributes:

• Made from High Quality padded neoprene for maximum comfort100% Money Back Guarantee: 

• Comfortable and Breathable material

• Can be worn comfortably under or over clothing

• The padded neoprene reduces armpit pressure

• Adjustable to fit any body frame


1.Straighten your back, put the posture corrector on and tighten all the straps (not too tight so you don’t cut the blood circulation) 

2.Wear the posture corrector for 15 - 20 minutes the first 3-4 days. After that add 20 minutes every day.

3.The Human body needs about 21 days to adjust to new changes. After that, you can gradually stop wearing it every day.

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