NatureBlok Neck Gaiter + Premium Everyday Mask
= Full protection

Certified 99% Blocking Power! Tested in the USA

180 Days of Full Protection - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Fashionable Comfortable and Unisex Double-masks From the Specialized Anti-Pollution Brand

Combos available:
  • 6 Premium Everyday Masks + 6 NatureBlok Neck Gaiters (plain and patterned options) - up to 70% off
  • 3 Premium Everyday + 3 NatureBlok Neck Gaiters (patterned options) - 60% off
  • Single Premium Everyday Mask + Single NatureBlok Neck Gaiter (patterned options) - 50% off

Over 1400 verified Debrief Me® reviews

Premium Everyday Mask:
  • Comfortable, Foldable, and Lightweight
  • Washable and reusable
  • Super soft 100% Cotton
  • Smooth adjustable ear-loops
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
  • 3 layers, knit fabric, water resistant material
NatureBlok Neck Gaiter:
  • Comfortable longtime
  • Washable and reusable
  • Highly elastic, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric
  • UV protection
  • Cold weather protection
  • Plain and patterned options


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How true to life are your prints, designs and colors?

Because we leverage the most accurate photo and color mapping technology on the planet, rest assured that what you see is what you get! In fact, we guarantee you’ll feel 100% satisfied with ALL of the Debrief Me styles you select, or you'll get your money back! We’re that committed to your happiness.

What makes Debrief Me G6 Duo a spectacular choice?

By working with the world's largest, fastest, most reputable producers in face shields,we’re able to integrate the latest, cutting-edge defense and comfort technology, like Adaptogenic TempTech for while providing you with the best deal possible.

Why order from Debrief Me instead of the ‘other guys’?

Listen, we know you have so many options when it comes to masks, and words...well...they only go so far. We prefer to show you how much we care about your experience through ACTIONS. That means you’ll get a fast shipping date (not weeks out like those fake guys), you’ll experience 100% TRANSPARENCY, and of course that means you can contact us about anything, at any time. And we’ll respond FAST.

Who does the G6 Duo best fit?

Because this set boasts both 360* Face Conforming Stretch Materials PLUS Adjustable Ear Loops (obviously on the 3x Layer Premium Shield only), this advanced face defense fits anyone of any face shape, large or small, ages 6 or older.

Where is Debrief Me located? Can I come meet you in real life?

New York city. Feel free to call if you want to check out how we do what we do, discover how our technology works, or even just drop by for a cuppa...we’re real people with a real passion for comfort, protection and fashion. And we love hanging out with like minded people who feel the same way!

How many times can I reuse this set?

It’ll hold up to 180 or more washes, meaning you’re getting the ultimate in comfort, protection and let’s be you actually LOVE wearing...for less than the cost of a piece of gum every day!

How quickly will my G6 set arrive?

Because we ship 1000’s of masks every month, Debrief Me qualifies for the FASTEST shipping anywhere in the USA, so you’ll receive your masks within 5 business days maximum.

What’s your return policy?

We guarantee you’ll love it for the full use of the face shields, but if not, we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Where can I see the USA lab testing report?

For full transparency, we provide you the results in the image below.