Neck Gaiters for Kids 4-Pack- Adjustable Reusable Masks Covers

$12.99 You Save: $-12.99 (100%)

Neck Gaiters for Kids 4-Pack- Adjustable Reusable Masks Covers

$12.99 You Save: $-12.99 (100%)
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Product Description

NATUREBlok Washable Reusable Kids Neck Gaiters - Killer Colorful Bundle - BUY 2 GET 2 FREE
  • End the Battle to Keep It On - Finally, a Face Cover They’ll Love Wearing: Experience peace of mind knowing you’re giving them Cool Styles they love showing off, soothing 360-degree SHIELDSeals Technology that feels great across their face while creating a barrier from things that otherwise sneak in along the sides.
  • Breathable for Active Kiddos - Running, Sports & Play: Lightweight, easy breath, a sweat-wicking design that keeps kids cool in the summer and comfortable all winter. Won’t labor breathing, make them sweaty, or feel like a wet blanket like other neck gaiter covers. No annoying ear bands to adjust all day either. Just pull it on, adjust it for coverage and they’re off to play!
  • Irritation Free - Designed for Picky Kids: Want a face-covering they’ll actually wear all day? We designed this kid neck gaiter for the child who constantly finds a way to pull theirs off, with soft, irritation-free materials and flat, itch-free stitching so they’ll leave it on when they need it most.
  • Ultimate Outdoor Defender - Have that kid who always finds an excuse not to go outside? NATUREBlok Neck Gaiter for Kids keeps the things they worry about from their face, mouth, and nose. Bugs, insects, grass, fumes, brush, weeds, dander, and particles larger than 5mm don’t stand a chance.
  • Specially Designed Children's Face Cover - 100% Happy Kiddo Guarantee: Affordability, premium quality, and better than handkerchief coverage and comfort makes this the face covering to get for the child who won’t wear any other. So Go Ahead, click add to the card now, try this risk-free. Your child will like it more than any other neck gaiters on the market or your money back.

    Adjustable - Won’t Slip

    Let them run, swing and play sports without worry!

    Reusable for Years

    Save the sea turtles and your sanity. 

    Safe for Kids with Allergies

    Toxin-free. Chemical-free. Heat-Rash free. Skin-irritation free. 

    Grows with Them

    360* Dura-Flex material retains its original shape for years. 

    Gentle Comfort

    So soft and stretchy they’ll actually enjoy wearing it!

    Ready for Play - Won’t Harbor Breathing

    Warm in the winter, cool in the summer and so breathable they’ll easily play through every sport. 

    Crazy Kid-Approved

    So Strong You Won’t Have to Worry About It Breaking.

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