Why Reusable Everyday Face Masks Help Everyone

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Why Reusable Everyday Face Masks Help Everyone


To wear a reusable face mask or not? The advice and information made public and on the internet have been confusing over the past few months. While some countries have gone through some serious lockdowns and are now lifting restrictions, others are once again considering lockdowns to tame the landscape as coronavirus numbers rise. And, we are continuously being told that wearing a washable face mask comes highly recommended to combat all of this in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

At this point, we should all be accustomed to wearing a mask just about everywhere we go, and this recommendation doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon–everyday face mask wearing is seemingly now a staple of society.

The CDC has now stated that latest research shows wearing a face mask can protect the wearer from the coronavirus, not just others as previously thought. With all this new information about face masks revealing itself as we learn how to tackle this virus, the benefits of wearing face masks has far outweighed the disadvantages.

Why should you wear a reusable face mask?

The reasons to wear an everyday face mask are abundant and clear. Most specifically:

    • Face masks prevent asymptomatic spread
    • Face masks protect yourself and others from illness
    • Face masks reduce viral transmission
  • Face masks promote good hygiene in general

  • Wearing a cotton face mask is an extra step in reducing the spread of the virus and helping to protect yourself, your community, and the most vulnerable.

    Change the way you breathe with everyday face masks 

    Even before the coronavirus became widespread, the use of a washable, reusable face mask was becoming widespread and common. 

    Cotton face masks combined with a carbon filter are designed to create a modern look you can feel good about wearing while offering you protection. 

    Furthermore, according to updated guidelines from some countries like Canada, face masks or face coverings should be made of at least 3 layers, with 2 layers being made of tightly woven material like cotton, and the third layer being a filter type fabric such as non-woven polypropylene. 

    With ever-changing face masks and covering recommendations, the public should be mindful of the newest and updated guidelines when purchasing and even making masks from home. There are numerous options available to consumers at this time and it’s best you do your research carefully before making your choice.

    Another point to using reusable and washable face masks instead of the disposable ones: your impact on the environment can be significantly decreased. Some experts say that the wearing of face masks in response to COVID-19 could lead to environmental consequences that could be dire. All the more reason to reach for reusable everyday face masks instead!

    Who should wear a washable face mask?

    The short answer, everyone!

    And face masks aren’t just for wearing in response to the coronavirus. Climate change and environmental consequences like wildfires and air pollution have extended the use of face masks even further.

    When used and worn properly, our reusable face masks present a physical barrier for the user for more than just the coronavirus. Many people choose to wear a face mask every day to filter out submicron particles. They help to block allergens and airborne pathogens. Here are the facts:

    • People with respiratory issues are at a higher risk level for experiencing serious health effects.
    • Children are vulnerable because their lungs are still developing.
    • Older adults are at the highest risk level as many have pre-existing conditions.

    Air pollutants can be indoors or outdoors, so it is important to wear face masks in everyday life. The environment seems to be everchanging and the concern of disease and illness is as prevalent as ever.

    The benefits of an everyday face mask 

    Wearing reusable face masks offers a new level of protection to battle the harmful particles that we come into contact with every day. 

    Some benefits of wearing a cotton face mask include:

    1.  Reusable – Simply wear, wash and reuse
    2.  Washable – Wash your mask after 2-3 uses in 60°C to kill harmful bacteria
    3.  Eco-friendly – One-time use masks end up in the landfill, which only leads to a wider environmental issue.

    A high quality washable face mask will be comfortable and fit snugly. It is important to wear the correct cotton face mask for the best filtration. Finally, avoid touching your mask as much as possible to avoid cross-contamination. 

    Reusable face masks are here for the long haul

    There are countless reasons why face masks are important, as doctors and politicians and many others have urged people to wear them. They allow wearers to thrive in any environment. 

    Reusable face masks are one of the most convenient, proven, and easiest ways most of us have to protect ourselves against allergens, airborne irritants, and viruses.

    Do your part to help in the solution and get your everyday face mask today! Check out our full store here.