What You Need to Know About PM2.5 Reusable Anti-Pollution Face Masks

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What You Need to Know About PM2.5  Reusable Anti-Pollution Face Masks

As we continue our “new normal” of wearing washable reusable face masks, you might be surprised to learn some important facts about PM2.5 and how anti-pollution PM2.5 face masks can help protect you and your most precious resource–your health.

The air we breathe is full of tiny particles. These miniscule airborne hazards are called particulate matter, or PM. PM2.5 are fine inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller. This type of air pollution is mostly invisible to the naked eye but poses a very serious health risk. And it’s only getting worse.

Why PM2.5 is so serious

Exposure to PM2.5 has long and short term negative health effects. If levels of PM2.5 are moderate or higher in the hazardous range, you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Asthma attack or aggravated asthma
  • Shortness of breath
  • Eye, nose, or throat irritation
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Decreased heart function (you could possibly even suffer a heart attack)
  • Decreased lung function
  • Death – if exposed for an extended duration

Scary, right? Particulate matter pollution is so serious that it even has a damaging effect on the environment as it increases the acid levels in soil and water.

Where does PM come from?

PM is not restricted to our outdoor environment. There are numerous sources that can increase the level of particulate matter both indoors and outdoors:

Indoor PM

  • Aerosol room fresheners
  • Chemical cleaning products
  • Diffused essential oils
  • Candles
  • Cooking
  • Cigarette smoke

Outdoor PM

  • Forest fires
  • Vehicles
  • Industrial and agricultural emissions
  • Power generators
  • Residential heating and cooking
  • Manufacturing of chemicals

It is interesting to note that, typically, indoor PM levels are the same or lower than outside PM levels.

Anti-pollution PM2.5 face masks: Effective Protection?

Often, after finding out about all of the most harmful pollutants in our indoor and outdoor environments, we get asked this question: 

Is a reusable face mask effective for PM2.5 protection?

What you should know first and foremost is that wearing a DIY or surgical mask will not protect you, because they do not contain the appropriate, effective filters for preventing micro particle penetration and exposure.

When you’re looking for a face mask that protects you and your respiratory and cardiovascular system from pollution, allergens and viruses or bacteria, you should consider specific criteria. Particle Filtration Efficiency of >98%, breathing resistance, and Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of >99% are some good things in a mask to think about that will help protect you from PM2.5.

Debrief Me®’s anti-pollution face mask 2.5 contains advanced, breathable filtration specifically made for effectively capturing PM2.5 micro particles. In fact, its washable reusable X99 Anti-Pollution face mask is carbon-activated and utilizes N99 technology. What’s more, the mask itself has received a BFE of >99% from lab testing. It also includes a neck buckle for advanced sealing around your face, which adds to even better filtration.

Common questions about reusable anti-pollution masks

To get a clearer idea about washable reusable face masks and how they can protect you from the most harmful pollutants out there, here’s some important information for you to know to maximize your protection.

How to wear your face mask properly

The key to making sure your face mask effectively protects you is how you wear it. Your face mask needs to fit tightly, but comfortably, against the sides of your face. It needs to completely cover the mouth, nose, and chin to prevent any respiratory droplets from escaping through any gaps. A high quality mask will not restrict your breathing while wearing it.

How to wash your face mask

Reusable face masks collect germs. It is advised that you wash them after each use. You can easily wash them in your washing machine using regular laundry detergent in hot water. You can also wash by hand using a solution of diluted bleach (5 teaspoons of bleach per 1 quart of hot water). Soak your mask for at least 5 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.  

Why buy a washable reusable face mask?

Single use disposable face masks may be cheaper individually, but in the long run, reusable face masks are cheaper. Because reusable face masks can be washed and reused as often as needed, you do not have to dispose of it if cared for, saving you a fortune! Unfortunately, with the risk of the coronavirus existing for quite a while, not having to spend any more than necessary on face masks is the smart choice.

Check out our collection of lab tested, effective anti-pollution face masks today for some of the best protection you can buy for you and your health here.