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The Difference between Gymnastic and Tumbling Mats

When it comes to competition, both gymnastics and tumbling are poles apart and different competitions. The events have different athletes and require a different kind of expertise altogether. While some might argue that the skill-set required for gymnastics is quite similar to that of tumbling, the rules and practice required for both these games are completely different.

While tumbling involves a display of acrobatic skills down a long runway, artistic gymnastics involves uneven parallel bars, vaulting, floor, and balance beam for women and parallel bars, vaulting, high bar, pommel horse and floor for men.

When it comes to international Olympic events, the mats for both tumbling and gymnastics are different. Obviously, certain rules govern the usage and selection of mats for these events, which is why they cannot be used interchangeably. On the contrary, homeowners and users often tend to use both these mats on an interchangeable basis. While this may not prove that much of a hindrance for routine kids playtime activities, it can come and haunt individuals aspiring for a future in the field of either tumbling or gymnastics.

Thus, the best way out for all is to differentiate between both these mats and to know which one is used for which purpose. Here we have a list of possible uses for both gymnastic and tumbling mats and which one of these can be of use to you. Go through the list and see which category you come under.

Home/Recreational Use

A lot of manufacturers make tumbling and gymnastic mats for home and recreational use. There has been a growing trend among homeowners to add these mats to their work-out routine in a bid to limit all kinds of injuries and to ensure that their kids remain safe during playtime. Kids are often susceptible to injuries caused by falling or slipping on the floor, which is why parents buy these mats. Additionally, parents can also buy these mats to help their children out with gymnastics and tumbling within the home.

The mats used for recreational use are often called tumbling mats and are considered to be around 1 or 2 inches thick. These mats can easily be folded up for discreet storage within the home. The mats are filled with a dense layer of foam, which does feel very cozy, but does not compress under the pressure exerted on it. These mats help with basic tumbling such as rolls and cartwheels for children. They don’t have the durability to save you from hard falls or landings.

Floor Exercises

School gyms, local gyms, and homeowners are just some of the consumers buying floor mats for floor exercise. The mats used for these purposes are a slight rendition of gymnastic mats and have a layer of dense foam that is measured over 2 inches. The foam is dense and helps to reduce the impact in the case of a fall. The regulation surface for a floor exercise is around 40 feet long and approximately 40 inches wide. These mats are comfortable and are best for your floor exercises, mitigating the risks involved in them.

Gymnastics Landing Mats

Professional gymnastics events and training institutes use professional gymnastics mats that have a 4-inch tall layer of dense foam on them. These mats can be used over hard floors to decrease the impact of a sudden fall. They are commonly used across gymnastics centers and gym floors. Gyms that provide a premium service to their customers often have these mats installed.

Additionally, we also have pit mats in this category. These mats are over 24 to 32 inches thick and protect a gymnast or a tumbler learning a new skill in case they don’t land feet first. This mat truly saves your body from impact injuries during the training stage.

Competitive Tumbling Mats

Tumblers that participate in high-level competitions use professional tumbling strips that have a thicker landing mat. These mats consist of a spring floor that is topped with an additional single or double layer of 1-inch dense foam. This foam transmits the spring but does provide some additional cushioning. Professional mats in this category are over 72 to 85 feet long and are over 5 to 6 feet wide. The landing mat is usually some 12 inches thick and has been designed to absorb the pressure of the hard landing.

With numerous varieties available in the market, you should go for a multi-purpose option. Whether you’re an advanced user or a beginner, the Pro-Airtrack from Debrief-Me will go a long way in serving your purpose, whether that includes parkour, gymnastics, or even cheer-leading.  





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