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The Benefits of Tumbling Mats

Finding the right high-quality gym and home flooring is a necessity for all kinds of work-outs within the home and outdoors. Regardless of whether you have your work-out sessions at school, at home or at your local gym, it is important that you have a covered flooring area to protect you from possible injuries and other situations.

Tumbling mats are a type of gym mat considered ideal for primary school and pre-school use. These mats can be used at your home as well to ensure the safety of your toddlers. These mats make playtime fun for a much better experience, leading to a more enjoyable time for toddlers and small kids. Tumbling mats are designed for all kinds of physical play and inculcate the habit of fun, play, and gymnastics within children at a very young age. These mats can also be used in local sports clubs and school gyms to make gym time safer and healthier for everyone involved.

These tumbling mats come with numerous benefits that accumulate to create the perfect rendition of what you would want for your kid. They are safe, they are playful, and they are colorful; what more do you want? Here we mention some of the benefits associated with these mats and how you can benefit from them.

Hook and Loops

Perhaps the biggest benefit running in favor of tumbling mats is that they come up with their very own hook and loops attached to every one of the mats. These hooks and loops allow several mats to be attached together in one go. This gives sports instructors, parents, gym instructors, and High School teachers the luxury of designing the floor size according to their own preferences. You can use the hook and loop feature to make a big floor area, or you can have one tumbling mat in solitude for a small play area.

This comes really handy inside of gyms as instructors can now try out numerous designs to fit gym instruments without a hassle. They can easily accommodate gym instruments on these mats and create a floor space deemed perfect for the kind of work-out they want from their members.


Children can now fall off without the worry of any injuries whatsoever because the interlocking feature in these mats gives gyms and parents the ability to fit the mats in just about every area within their home and gym. This ensures optimal safety and limits the risks that often come associated with uncovered gym floors.

High Quality

There is no doubting the quality of these tumbling mats. While the specific quality has a lot to do with the manufacturers and the practices they follow to maintain quality, most of these tumbling mats are made out of strong quality materials. The structure is made to withstand the impact of a fall and ensure that there are no chances of any kid suffering any form of injury.

Considering the importance of these mats in keeping danger away, quality is a must that cannot be compromised. Hence, these mats set a good quality standard through their 3-inch layer foam and a soft covering of leathered PVC on the top for a soft feel for kids to enjoy and be attracted to.


No other mats provide such safety and protection that is guaranteed through these. They have a sufficient covering of soft foam to keep away all kinds of dangerous injuries at home and at the school’s gym while working out. Moreover, kids like to tumble around a lot and are susceptible to a lot of head injuries. These mats ensure that there is no question of such a head injury.

School exercise classes for children often involve a lot of jumping, which is why they are prone to injuries over time. These mats take the brunt of such falls and ensure that the kids remain safe.


Not only are these tumbling mats perfect for mitigating the risk of injuries, but they also ensure that the environment remains quiet and calm. These mats dampen most vibrations within the gym, hence reducing the overall noise levels. This ensures that there is no noise going outside of the room if your work-out or play area is located near a classroom in a school or a bedroom at your home.

Enjoy all the benefits above by getting the Pro-Airtrack from Debrief-Me. This mat will go a long way in serving your purpose, whether that includes parkour, gymnastics, or even cheerleading.  





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