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Air pollution extends far beyond industries and manufacturing plants. The consequences of rapid urban development have plagued the air we breathe, and this is true for the air quality in most homes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that despite our efforts to clean the atmosphere during the late 1900s, air pollution and greenhouse gases continue to remain a risk factor for public health. These gases are released by human activities that are very diverse in nature. They are a necessary evil without which modern life will simply cease to exist. It is a by-product of civilization. The undeniable truth...

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While our lungs are properly equipped to deal with naturally occurring pollutants present in the ambient air, such as dust, dirt, small sediments and gases, they are virtually defenseless against environmental disasters influenced by civilization. Our lungs are equipped with several tools to control and regulate exposure to contaminants; these include nasal hair, airways lined with mucous, and the occasional cough and sneeze. These are mechanisms through which the body mitigates significant damage to our respiratory system. But when forced to face the brunt of man-made pollution, these mechanisms fall short. The bottom line is that modern industrial processes release...

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