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Reasons Why Your Son needs to do Gymnastics at Home

Gymnastics is not only for girls. Not even close. Yes, we can say that this sport is fairly popular among young women, but this is as much a sport for boys to try as it is for girls. The male gymnast may not end up becoming really popular, but many pundits and critics highlight male gymnasts as the strongest of all athletes at the Olympics.

Gymnast, Kohei Uchimora, ranks third on the list of 50 fittest athletes by Men’s Health. The gymnast has ranked ahead of prominent sports stars such as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. Some even believe that Uchimora ‘might be the fittest guy on the planet pound-to-pound.

So, cutting the long story short, there is a lot to gain from starting gymnastics at home with your kid. Even if your son has no plans to play the sport in the future, he can still be good at the sport and develop a liking towards it and can remain physically active and fit.

While most parents might ponder over the use of making your son do something he doesn’t like, here we have 4 reasons to make your choice easier:

Gymnastics is a Foundational Sport

There is no other sport that teaches fundamental athletic skills better than gymnastics. These basic fundamental skills, when addressed properly, can help the kid in learning and mastering all kinds of skills in the future. This is a golden opportunity for children who lack the general motor and cognitive skills for a ball game to flex their bodies and maintain healthy movement.

By doing gymnastics at home, your kid will learn many things, including learning how to run, balance, and jump. These are all critical additions necessary for creating awareness in the mind of a small kid. This would form the foundation for any sport the child plays in the future. Even if the kid doesn’t play anything, these sessions would help them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Perfect Cross Training

If your son is involved in some other sport already, then gymnastics is the perfect way to build up their athleticism and to get them to perform well in that other sport. By participating in gymnastics, your child will become stronger, more agile and more flexible. They will have a better sense of their body and will be more aware of their weaknesses and strengths. Having an idea of your body is an important part of any sport, which is why gymnastics come in handy here.

Besides being aware of one’s body, gymnastics also help in improving the stamina and athleticism of all individuals. Boys can benefit from flexing their body and limbs at home before they head out for an important soccer or football match. Gymnastics improve your overall fitness and athleticism, helping you to become more agile and fit.

Perfect for Injury Prevention

Strained muscles and sprains from falling are two of the most common reasons behind kids getting injured in sports. Gymnastics is useful for avoiding such strains and ensuring an agile running pattern as it prepares kids for what is to come.

By doing routine gymnastics, kids know the drill to warm-up before any match and don’t take excess time trying to figure out a warming up routine. With all the details dealt with and the warm up routine in front of them, kids tend to perform better in different sports.

Additionally, besides just helping kids in warming up to avoid strains and muscle pulls, gymnastics also teach kids how to fall gracefully. Believe us when we say that falling gracefully without hurting your body is something that kids can greatly benefit from while playing sports.

Character Building Sport

Ask any High School Coach, and they would confess looking out for players that are patient and have the characteristics that are needed to play sports. Kids who do gymnastics at home have better resilience to them and have the patience to try one technique over and over again. This teaches them that hard work is extremely necessary and that there is no way around it. Discipline and hard work are general byproducts of doing gymnastics regularly.

True gymnastics starts at home, which is why you need to start inculcating the true spirits in your son by getting him the most reliable mat. Whether you’re an advanced user or a beginner, the Pro-Airtrack from Debrief-Me will go a long way in serving your purpose, whether that includes parkour, tumbling, gymnastics, or even cheerleading.  





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