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LightWeight. Easy to wear and use
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I ordered 3 masks for different places. I am currently on chemo and other immunosuppressive medications so having a mask with me to protect me is something that is now very important. It makes it even tougher when I’m a nurse and constantly around sick people. These masks are very comfortable and I am able to make it through my shifts with it on. I find them to be more comfortable than the ones that doctor’s offices supply. I have been very happy with my purchase and I’m sure I will buy again. The added fact that the seller contacted me directly to make sure that I had received my items and that everything went well was a very nice touch! Shipping was fast and had no problems!

Great for immune compromised patients!
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I decided to wait a month before reviewing to make sure this mask was delivering what it promised. i use cleanears that are harmful to lungts, so I need a good mask with a PM 2.5 filter to help protect them. The filters were small, so i had my doubts, but it covered both my nose and mouth. They go in a slot in the mask, that doensn't cover the entire mask. I was not warned before about how toxic of a chemical I was working with. It was only after some digging, due to shortness of breath going just one flight of stairs. After i figured out that was both affordable and cute, since. I was paying for it. After a month of usage I have noticied that I am no longer having breathing issues. My dizziness also went away paying for it, so the mask defiantly works. I will probably buy another since they are very affordable.

Great for Airplane
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I am highly sensitive to perfume and other strong smells as an asthmatic, so I purchased this ahead of my last trip. I'm so glad I did, as the guy next to me sniffled with a productive cough the entire 4 hour flight on the way there. I felt bad for him and offered some cough drops, but boy was I so glad to feel like I had a decent barrier protection from his germs! Also, I noticed about 5 other people on the flight wearing this type of mask as well (in other pattern), so I'm glad it's becoming a normal thing! The flight attendants are definitely used to seeing them, but you may get a few stares from curious fellow passengers until they become mainstream. It's worth the peace of mind though! It's well constructed and very comfortable to wear. It's adjustable and fits me very well.

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New! 2018 Wrist Gel Brace Support

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New! 2018 Wrist Gel Brace Support


A new product from Debrief Me™ alleviates wrist/hand pain and other related conditions

 With the extensive use of one’s hands for various purposes, it may seem that the occasional wrist or hand pain is inevitable. However, heavy use of one’s hands, particularly in the workforce, can lead to a recurring disease, especially if left untreated. The online shop Debrief Me™, introduces the newly released gel wrist brace, a revolutionary product that provides support to the wrist and hand. The gel wrist brace makes hands and wrists more susceptible to pressure, as well as eases muscle pain and relieves wrist and thumb pain. The gel wrist brace helps relieve and alleviate some of the most common wrist and hand ailments, such as the following:


  1. Arthritis of the Hand – the inflammation of the joints within the hand. Its common symptoms are pain or burning sensation on the joints of the hand, swelling or even warming of the affected joints. If left untreated or suppressed, it will lead to bone structure deformation and eventual motion limitations.


  1. Thumb or finger injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - the most common finger injury nowadays is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Commonly found in women, this injury inhibits pain, tingling and weakness of the thumb or other fingers.


  1. Tenosynovitis – can be infectious or non-infectious, this condition is the inflammation of a tendon within the areas surrounding the hand. The symptoms of this condition are flexor tendon infections that seem to be more tender, enlargement of the affected finger and even severe pain.


  1. Hand Rheumatism – an inflammatory response of the finger or wrist tissue that results in swollen joints and tenderness of the affected area when touched.

The gel wrist brace can help suppress such conditions all over the wrist and hand. The product is intended to be used by people who are suffering from conditions such as the ones stated above. It can also help relieve the pain from some minor wrist and hand conditions such as thumb injuries, wrist muscle pains and even muscle spasms. While most of us use our hands for various activities and of varying extents, this gel wrist brace is ideal for people who have worked extensively in the following areas:


  • Type of work that requires a lot of typing (i.e. clerical works, encoding, computer programming)
  • Type of work that requires lifting (i.e. warehousing, shipping, logistics)
  • Sportspeople (i.e. Baseball, American Football, Billiards, Darts)
  • Production sector (i.e. Factory worker, bakery, restaurant, janitorial services)
  • Healthcare/wellness sector (i.e. Physical Therapists, Masseuse, barber)

Our hands are one of the most heavily used parts of our bodies. Over time, they can wear out and become stressed if not supported by anything. This product cannot assure that one will not contract hand or wrist conditions, but this product will suppress the pain and help prevent further infections in the affected areas. The gel wrist brace can help aid the wrist or hand while in use and provide further support and stability whenever it is needed. Since the hands are one of the most used body parts, it is essential to take the best possible care of them. It is recommended that this product be used in order to ensure full use and continued wellness of the hand and wrist area.

 For further information about the product and/our other products in the shop, please feel free to visit https://debriefme.com/



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