How to Wear Neck Gaiters to Up Your Outdoor Game

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How to Wear Neck Gaiters to Up Your Outdoor Game

Neck gaiters for running and hiking are a great way to stay protected from the elements while allowing breathability for strenuous outdoor activities.

Face coverings are now essential in our society due to the current health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. The mandatory or recommended use of face masks is common in most states in the U.S now. Even though the use of washable reusable face masks is still relatively new, face coverings do more than just protect you and others from spreading disease, particularly if you are spending time outdoors. 

If you think about the multiple uses face coverings provide us in our daily lives, there are many. They are able to keep bugs away from your face, they can help protect you from increasing air pollution, and they can keep your mouth, nose, and chin safe from both hot and cold environmental elements.

With so much attention going into choosing the perfect gear and attire when suiting up for outdoor activities, such as hiking, running, or cycling, it can be easy to forget about one of the most important pieces to your outerwear repertoire and apparel: neck gaiters.

Why use a neck gaiter?

You might think of neck gaiters for only wintertime activities for warmth, used for skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing. But there are also neck gaiters that are lightweight and breathable designed for a range of activities. Using a neck gaiter for running and hiking, and even camping, hunting, and fishing, is becoming increasingly popular for outdoor enthusiasts for a number of reasons.

In the summertime, neck gaiters can protect your skin from the sun (this is very handy especially in those situations where you find yourself without sunscreen). In the winter, they are frequently used to protect your face and neck from the bitter cold and wind burn.

Think of neck gaiters as bandanas that have completely leveled up to today’s modern functionality and design. They provide a layer of protection from the elements, they’re super portable, and easy to use–in fact, you can wear them in multiple styles and ways. They can be used in almost any situation you find yourself in, too, and since they come in so many different designs, offer a creative way to express yourself and your fashion preferences. 

Get a breathable neck gaiter for running, hiking and hot weather

Primary uses for neck gaiters include running, hiking and other outdoor activities as mentioned. When you’re looking for a high quality neck gaiter, it’s always good to consider some specific features. These endurance activities require excellent breathability so you can maximize your oxygen intake. You should never feel bogged down by anything covering your face, especially when you’re increasing your exercise capacity outdoors.

Expertly designed and made with flexible, breathable, athletic fabric, our cold and hot weather neck gaiter allows the heat and your warm breath to escape through the gaiter instantly, meaning your breathing won’t be affected and the skin under the neck gaiter will not get wet and moist. Especially during hot weather, this feature is of high importance.  You do not want to feel like you have a wet blanket on your face!

The flexible and athletic fabric of our neck gaiter adjusts to the width of your neck and face easily and comfortably. This snug fit secures the neck gaiter to your face, so you don’t need to be adjusting it while wearing it. Using a neck gaiter that isn’t constantly falling down your face and requiring you pull it up all the time is definitely something you should consider.

When and How to Wear a Neck Gaiter

Neck gaiters are extremely versatile – you can wear them in a variety of different ways, giving you the freedom to choose how you wish to use it depending upon what activity you are doing that day. 

Their design makes them applicable to a number of situations whether you are working, working out, or simply enjoying a sunny day and want to protect your skin from the aftereffects of the sun.

Neck gaiters provide you with a shield of protection from:

  • Dust
  • Bugs and Insects
  • Grass
  • Fumes
  • Weeds
  • Smoke
  • Pollen
  • Sun
  • Any debris larger than 5mm

In fact, in a recent study researchers determined that neck gaiters and other face masks can significantly reduce the expulsion of small respiratory aerosol particles during coughing. We recommend using a combination of neck gaiters with a face mask underneath for maximum protection.

All Debrief Me® face masks and neck gaiters are constructed with ShieldSEALS, which is some of the most advanced face conforming material available on the market today. Nothing is able to sneak in or around the neck gaiter to irritate your nose, mouth, and throat.

Neck gaiters are a great and easy way to quickly get the protection you need while enjoying your favourite outdoors activities without the fuss. Ours are guaranteed to fit and it’s comfortable. Just throw them on and go!

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