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Facts about Tumbling Mats

Tumbling and gymnastics are sports that are very similar in nature. Athletes competing in both these sports have similar builds and similar skills. The athletes have sufficient prowess in landing the right way and minimizing the force of the impact. This is why both of these sports make extensive use of mats that mitigate the push that they receive at the moment of impact.

These mats, however, are different from each other in numerous ways, and they focus on the landing of the athlete in question. The purpose of the mat and the impact that it is expected to mitigate define the size and design of these mats.

Tumbling mats, although quite common nowadays, are still new to the athletes using them and the organizers buying them. So, there is a general lack of information pertaining to these mats in the market. Here we list all of the most important facts about these mats and highlight what you should know before you go and buy one of them.


When it comes to the structure of the mat itself, the mats designed for both gymnastics and tumbling are extremely similar. A novice with limited background information wouldn’t really be able to differentiate between the two. To begin with, both these mats come with either a rubber shell or a PVC covering that is used to cover the foam filling. The covering is standard and is bonded together for impact.

However, not all gymnasts use mats that are similar to the ones we have for tumbling. Elite gymnasts that often compete at a national or international level tend to use mats with built-in springs. These mats basically consist of layers of foam, plywood, and carpet to generate a stronger and a more firm rebound. This augments them in achieving a classier angular movement.


The thickness of tumbling mats usually plays an important role in its price. The thicker the mat is, the more you will be charged for it. In most cases, the thickness ranges from over 1 inch to 3 inches. The thickness does define the rebound from the mat, but a mat that is too thick can affect your foot grip.

The size and thickness of a tumbling mat differ from case to case. Individual gymnasts or tumblers can go for their preferred option based on past records and what they are most comfortable with. Gymnasiums have these custom-made for each athlete to get the best performance from their members.


The average size for a tumbling mat varies from around 2 feet to 4 feet. There is, however, no one constant size as the size, color and weight of the mats vary from mat to mat. The average size of these tumbling mats in official competitions and in gymnasiums is around 39 inch by 39 inch, which is just above a 3*3 size.


Professional and basic tumbling and gymnastic mats come in the market at all sort of prices. On average, the price hovers around the range of $500. It varies based on the quality of the material used and the colors involved. These mats are often purchased in bulk by gyms, homes and schools.

Sprung mats, which are of a higher quality, are suited for international competitions and are tailor-made. These are obviously pricier than the other forms of tumbling mats and come only when you call the mat’s manufacturer to purchase one.

Safety Mats

Gymnasts and tumblers tend to use safety mats on a regular basis. These safety mats come with a foam filling along with a soft leather surface accentuated through PVC. The density of these safety mats tends to vary from size to size. These mats are firmer and allow for better landings for the concerned athlete.

Tumbling mats tend to be a bit soft on the bottom for landing purposes. The safety mats that come for tumbling are similar to the ones that are used for gymnastics.

Athletes often use spring mats that are from recognized overseas manufacturers. These spring mats come with additional layers of plywood, carpet, and foam. This layer gives an additional rebound and helps the gymnast to pull off the tricks that they have up their sleeves. The thickness, as well as other factors, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Choosing the right tumbling mat can often be a hassle, which is why it is best to go for a multi-purpose option. Whether you’re an advanced user or a beginner, the Pro-Airtrack from Debrief-Me will go a long way in serving your purpose, whether that includes parkour, gymnastics, tumbling, or even cheerleading.  





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