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Debrief Me is on a mission to change the way you feel. We believe self-care products should be functional, durable, and work as hard as you do. Our unique, high-quality range of health and wellness products will help you achieve maximum relief from pain and discomfort, and find happiness in everyday living. Our products enable you to effortlessly improve your wellbeing and enjoy your life!


I purchased these wrist gels, because I have had pain in my wrists ever since becoming a mom. Between work, arts and crafts, life, and household chores I sometimes have severe discomfort in my wrists and hands. These are so lightweight! 

Tatiana Schwartz

"I would strongly endorse the use of the posture corrector. I have had a chance to using this personally and found it highly effective. The posture corrector indeed does not let you slouch and is a gentle yet firm way to ensure maintenance of an adequate posture


It is terrrrific! I'm never going back to disposable if I can help it! Airport/Airplane air... you can't get me😁

Tien SC

Bought these for the fires out in California for our family. They work great and even my 7 yr old son didn’t mind wearing it